Evolving from a long history of fire compliance and fire risk management, Integr8 is a client delivery focused, fire protection contractor. We are capable of developing any scheme from inception right through to testing, commissioning and handover.

Company History


The team that would become Kingfell Engineering was involved post the King’s Cross fire disaster and was instrumental in designing, developing, installing and maintaining a new system of fire protection on London Underground.

This took the form of an above and below fire sprinkler system on the escalators serving underground stations throughout London; There was no such protection prior to this.



In 2015, Kingfell was merged into its parent company – Integr8 Building Services.

Throughout the years Integr8 was instrumental in ensuring its main client (Network Rail) was compliant with developing standards in all its properties.

Integr8 undertook numerous schemes to develop Network Rail’s fire safety systems in all its major stations as well as working for numerous parts of Network Rail’s supply chain in developing and protecting office space, retail outlets and other tenants within the rail environs.

Relationships were also built between Integr8 and London Underground, Transport for London, Tubelines and their supply chain to undertake works within the underground infrastructure.

The Integr8 team has retained, enhanced and advanced the above levels of expertise, understanding and experience, and has grown to become one of the leading integrated fire solution companies operating in the UK today.


Scott Brampton joined Integr8 in 2016, introducing new clients and opening a new market sector to focus on.


From 2017 until present, we have grown exponentially, in terms of both client contracts and infrastructure.

During this time, Integr8 also made the decision to change its focus of operation from the rail sector to the commercial sector. Since doing so, Integr8 has partnered with multiple high-end construction contractors to deliver works in large London commercial fit out projects, medical research facilities and multi-use complexes. The team has also embarked upon a number of data centre installations in Europe.

Integr8 continues to deliver these projects and is steadily increasing its market share both in London and in Europe.

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