BAFSA – AGM and Dinner

by | 22 Nov 2019

Integr8 would like to take the time to thank BAFSA for hosting us at the annual general meeting this year in Liverpool.

On Thursday 14th November, two of our directors, Steve Clark and David Brown attended the BAFSA council meeting and AGM. This was an informative and enlightening experience for both, providing the opportunity to review the achievements of the association over the last year and discuss the priorities for the future.

It was great for the Integr8 team to establish a presence amongst the other BAFSA members and have an input towards electing the new council.

There were two main points raised in the meeting. The first of which was the success of the new sprinkler design course that BAFSA had invested in earlier this year. Demand for this course exceeded expectations and completely sold out. Due to the popularity, there will be many more dates available for next year, which have currently not been released.

The other significant aspect of the meeting was the importance of the L2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation that has been developed by BAFSA. The course is being offered by multiple colleges across the country and can be undertaken in a way that suits each individual. This qualification will be essential for anyone that wishes to renew their SKILLcard past the 31st January 2020; this leads us on to the second point.

Following the announcement that SKILLcard would not be accepting any new applications for Fire Sprinkler Installer CRO cards, there were many concerns within the sprinkler industry, as there would no longer be the ability to renew any current cards. In place of this, all new applications and renewals will only be possible through possession of a blue SKILLcard, which may only be attained through the completion of the L2 certification. It is great to see multiple people already completing this course and ensuring that they are prepared for the changes coming in the new year.

After the AGM meeting, that evening, several other members of our team also travelled to Liverpool to attend the annual BAFSA dinner. This was the first time that Integr8 had made an appearance as a company so was a great opportunity to represent ourselves as a team and be able to connect with others in the industry, the perfect occasion to engage with others in the sprinkler industry.

Overall, the event had a great turnout and was an enjoyable evening for all that attended. We look forward to another great year as part of BAFSA.



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