Who are Integr8?

by | 03 Oct 2019

Welcome to our first blog!

As you may have noticed, Integr8 has recently become active across social media. Our new approach to marketing and social media will be a vital contribution to the growth of our company.

This is one of many exciting changes happening that will ensure we remain the fastest-growing sprinkler company in the UK.

But why would we need a blog?

It may seem unusual for a company like ours to have a blog page. Yet, having a blog is a great way for us to promote who we are in more depth than our website will allow us. Hence, creating a platform for everything sprinkler and construction related. This could include anything from internal info, opinions and feedback to project wins and industry updates.

Each post will provide insightful updates that will appeal to all of our stakeholders; we can then use our blog as a reference point for all information that we choose to share online to our followers.

This may not be something that all of our employees, customers and consumers may find interesting or relevant to themselves. However, to those that do want to hear more about us and gain greater insight then this is the perfect place to start. 

This will be one of the less common, lengthier posts that we will be sharing. 

Starting with an ‘about us’ themed post allows us to explore the foundations of who we are and how our recent changes are influencing our future. By doing so, this will clear up most questions we receive about Integr8 – all in one place. It also gives us a chance to shed insight into our journey.

So… what is new to integr8?

Well, over the past 18 months, we have been experiencing an exponential rate of growth as we win project after project within the construction industry.

Subsequently, the high level of customer service and quality that accompanies our projects is being praised and shared by clients. We are proud that word of mouth communications have had such a substantial contribution toward making us the UK’s fastest-growing sprinkler company.

With this fast growth being so unexpected, we realised the need to make new additions and changes within our team.

In order to keep up, Integr8 added over 20 additional members to the team within the last quarter. 

The shape of Integr8 has changed in a very positive way to enabling us to better service our customers and build stronger relationships.

The biggest change has been the introduction of our pre-construction department. Doing so has allowed greater stability and a better flow from tendering and sales through to construction.

We were aware that this is something that is usually only found in main contractors or much larger organisations. However, it is something that we identified to be immensely valuable and implemented as soon as possible.

As the new digital marketing and brand coordinator, my first priority was to lay the foundations necessary to grow our online presence within the Construction Industry. This included website improvements, new profiles across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and various other aspects of our branding and advertising.

Other new job positions have included a new design manager, design team leaders, senior designers, commercial director and manager, EHS manager, project managers… and the list goes on.

All changes have been essential to ensure that we have the infrastructure to continue exceeding our high level of service.

When was Integr8 established and how have we evolved?

If you are already following Integr8 on social media, you may have seen the ‘The Integr8 Story’ on Facebook. This is where we have shared how we started and what led us to the success and growth we are now experiencing.

Despite having this on Facebook, we are eager to share the foundations of our story in more depth. 

Where better to do so than in our blog.

How we began

The company was originally formed in 1987, under the name ‘Kingfell Engineering’, following the Kings Cross Disaster. 

The disaster happened on the 18th of November when a fire broke out at Kings Cross St Pancras tube station (a major interchange on the London Underground). It is believed that the fire started when a lit match was dropped below a wooden escalator serving the Piccadilly Line and within a very short period of time, the staircase was alight. 

As the flames grew this began to heat the framework and decking of the Picadilly Line escalator, preheating the rest of the staircase and erupting in a flashover into the underground ticket hall.

The strength of the blaze cracked concrete, stripped tiles from the walls and caused molten plastic to drip from the ceiling. The thick smoke engulfed the ticket hall, obscuring the exits and hampering rescue efforts. 

The devastating effects of this incident caused the deaths of 31 people and injured 100 others. 

Consequences of this tragedy could have been avoided, had there been adequate fire protection within the stations. In light of this, many changes were made to the design and structure of the underground. 

It was following this incident that Kingfell then formed the team that was instrumental in designing, developing, installing and maintaining a new system of fire protection on London Underground.

Our team have always ensured that our main client (Network Rail) is compliant with developing standards in all its properties. We ensure that we maintain these same standards for all the clients we provide for.

Becoming Integr8 Building Services

We have been using the name ‘Integr8 Building Services’ since 2015 following the merge of Integr8 and Kingfell. 

It has been essential that whilst building this new brand name and image we sustain our original brand values and ensure these passed forth with the new name.

In 2016, Scott Brampton joined the company, bringing with him a vast network of trusted operations, design, and financial employees. He has acquired these connections throughout his experience in construction and as a team have always worked seamlessly as one.

We have continued to grow our team, primarily through recommendations, ensuring that we have the best of the best. 

Our workforce is now packed with seasoned and in-depth expertise and experience, complemented by the communication skills to deliver our solutions quickly, clearly and comprehensively. 

Each and every Integr8 team member prides themselves on quality over quantity. This ensures the utmost client satisfaction in each step of every project from client consultation to commissioning and handover. The ability to maintain this level of quality has allowed Scott and the company to build and maintain long-lasting relationships across the industry.

We are regularly receiving positive comments from clients regarding our standard of work and positive can-do attitude that we bring to every project. This is the standard that we strive to maintain as we aim to continue exceeding expectations.

Where are we headed?

At the rate that we are growing, there are many new and exciting opportunities arising for Integr8. 

As a whole, we are continuing to exceed expectations and take on all new opportunities that come our way. We are looking forward to continuing our success story, providing excellent service to our existing clientele and establishing new partnerships.


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